Why Does My Cat Randomly Lay on the Floor? | Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

Why Does My Cat Randomly Lay on the Floor

Cats are fascinating creatures, often exhibiting curious behaviours that can leave us scratching our heads. One such behaviour that many cat owners have observed is their furry friends lying on the floor for no apparent reason. This behaviour is quite common among cats, and while it may seem harmless, it can sometimes indicate underlying health … Read more

Why Does My Cat Hit Me with His Tail? Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

The Tail as an Expression of Excitement or Playfulness

Cats are known for their mysterious behaviour, and one expected behaviour that may puzzle cat owners is when their cat hits them with its tail. This behaviour can be confusing and sometimes even alarming, leaving cat owners wondering what their feline friend is trying to communicate. This article will explore why cats may hit their … Read more